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Application for Hosts of the 2017 International Street Medicine Symposium

Dear applicant,

The Street Medicine Institute is pleased to announce a call for host cities for the 2017 International Street Medicine Symposium! Please complete the following application to the best of your ability with as much detail as possible and send it to lfrye@streetmedicine.org by Friday, September 9, 2016. The 2017 symposium will be held in September or October of 2017.

Your application will be evaluated on the guidelines listed below. In previous years, the symposium has been held on a Thursday through Saturday morning with a pre-symposium Street Medicine 101 workshop on Wednesday. The host is an important partner, particularly in locating event space, identifying local speakers and potential site visits to local organizations, and assisting with other activities that may be difficult to plan from afar. The host organization will need to identify an individual or team to assist in preparations. The host’s responsibilities include organizing and presenting lectures, panels, and/or workshops highlighting the host city’s work to improve the health and wellbeing of homeless individuals sleeping rough/unsheltered for either a half or full day on Thursday. The host is encouraged to choose creative methods for highlighting its work, such as local site visits. The Street Medicine Institute is primarily responsible for planning and organizing the symposium, including other lecture/workshop content.


The Street Medicine Institute looks forward to working with you! Thank you for your application!



Liz Frye

Chair, 2017 International Street Medicine Symposium


Host city guidelines:

  1. Commitment to the vision and mission of the Street Medicine Institute and individuals served through Street Medicine programs is important in the selection of the hosting organization. The Institute’s vision is “People living on the streets throughout the world will have direct access to health care and social services,” and its mission is: “Inspiring and equipping communities worldwide to provide Street Medicine services to rough-sleeping homeless persons.”


  1. Space:
Purpose Minimum capacity Room format Day/time needed Other
Street Medicine 101 (Pre-symposium workshop) 100 people Lecture style Wednesday prior to symposium 8am – 5pm
Symposium lectures 300 people Lecture style Thursday and Friday 7am – 5pm; Saturday 7am-noon
Workshops 50 people Workshop/group discussion style Friday afternoon Need 4 rooms located near that symposium lecture space


  1. Hotels: At least one hotel within walking distance or accessible via public transportation of main symposium location. Multiple hotel options preferred.


  1. Defrayment of symposium costs: Preference will be given to hosts who can significantly defray/reduce symposium costs to the Street Medicine Institute and participants.


  1. Collaborating partners such as universities, programs that serve homeless people, etc





Name of Organization: __________________________________________________________________

City: ________________________ State: ________________________ Country: ___________________

Name of contact person: ________________________________ Email: __________________________


  1. Describe your organization or city’s commitment to the mission/vision of the Street Medicine Institute.








  1. Why is your organization or city an ideal host for the 2017 International Street Medicine Symposium? Describe what aspects of your program or partnering programs you would highlight during the host city spotlight







  1. Describe the venue where you would host the symposium and its maximum capacity for guests.







  1. List hotel options available near the symposium venue, distance from the venue, and options for transportation or parking.







  1. Describe your capacity to help defray costs associated with the symposium either through funding opportunities or in-kind donations of space, transportation, etc.







  1. Please describe partnering organizations/universities that will collaborate in hosting the symposium.






  1. The Street Medicine Institute typically hosts an evening of networking and hors d’oeuvres during the symposium. Describe how your organization will be able to assist with this event.







  1. Please describe any other unique opportunities that will assist the symposium planning committee in selecting your organization/city.