By: Paul Gil, DWW-SBSM Communications Student Team Leader 

Bundled up in my sweatshirt and peacoat, I walk down Newbury Street in a small group of Doctors Without Walls volunteers. It is 6:45 in the morning and the sidewalks are already alive with the hustle and bustle of the city. Colossal towers watch over us as we make our way through their streets and each gust of wind reminds me that I was spoiled growing up in one of the world’s most accommodating climates. This isn’t Santa Barbara anymore.

Despite the frigid air, I couldn’t be happier to be making this morning trek. We are at the 9th Annual International Street Medicine Symposium in Boston, and before the conference convenes for its Saturday session, I, along with Zoe Teton, Sean Nguyen, and Kelly Pineda, have the opportunity to pick the brains of three inspirational street medicine minds.

tale of three cities

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