Street Medicine Institute Aims to Help Homeless Worldwide

Jim Withers of Forest Hills wants to help create more programs like Operation Safety Net throughout the world.

When Jim Withers started to work on the street to provide medical care to the homeless, he didn’t know anyone else who did it.

“I just took a back back and did medical care,” he said.

But in 1993 on a trip to Calcutta, India, that all changed. There, he met doctors working in the poverty-stricken streets and slums—and also had the chance to meet Mother Theresa.

“It was amazing how we had the same problem solving and I got determined to connect those kinds of people,” Withers of Forest Hills said. “Over the years, people started coming to Pittsburgh and I started going elsewhere. It’s exciting when these people meet because they tend to feel isolated in their communities. You just get validated.”

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